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The Jacobs Food Company offers a wide variety of menus, food products and services including our take out location Jacobs Deli & Smokehouse now available for pick up and on Uber Eats from our Eglinton location.

We are a team with years of food service experience and we’ve come up with a new way to serve food offering more than take-out creating a new category in the space between take-out restaurant food and catered food.


We offer food for events, institutions and family meals as well as classic restaurant take out food.

We offer ready-to-serve casual meal options and individually packaged catering options which makes our products fit all of your food service and catering needs.


We aim to provide each and every household with the opportunity to enjoy wholesome, home-made meals with no preparing, no shopping and no hassle.

Everything required for delicious meals every day is carefully planned, carefully sourced and delivered to the front door of each customer at the time most convenient for them using contactless delivery protocol.

At Jacobs Food Co. We want to change the way people eat – forever.

We believe everyone deserves honest, natural, delicious, healthy food.

We embrace fresh ingredients, they offer us a breath of fresh air that restores our mind and soul, reinforces our values, and settles into our hearts. We are learning and growing every day to enrich our lives and that’s why we started Jacobs food Co. 

We feel that there is a “foodie” in everyone and we want to bring that out. Food is special to everyone. In Judaism, specifically, food is associated with many mitzvahs, gatherings and rituals. Food represents the very threads that make up the fabric of our practice, keeping communities together. Food is a vessel through which we are able to enjoy and practice our way of life! The process of kashrut (kosher) from start to finish all the way through prep and consumption is based on spiritual practice. The whole process of kosher involves uplifting the food through a spiritual process and we look forward to bringing that to your table.


Skip the grocery store and receive our chef inspired, prepared meals delivered directly to your door; monthly, weekly, daily or just when you feel like it. We are here to make your life’s check list a little easier:

Grocery shopping 

Meal planning

Healthy options

Zero Food waste

No prep or clean-up 

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